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    Approximately 17percent of Americans witnessed the launch live because of the presence of Payload Specialist Womens R4370 Snow Boots Blue 4 UK Remonte Free Shipping Classic cd8RKTEr4n
    , who would have been the first teacher in space . Media coverage of the accident was extensive: one study reported that 85percent of Americans surveyed had heard the news within an hour of the accident. [5] The Challenger disaster has been used as a case study in many discussions of engineering safety and workplace ethics.


    being carried atop a Buy Cheap 2018 Unisex Buscemi Woman Embellished Texturedleather Hightop Sneakers Red Size 36 Buscemi Ebay Cheap Price Find Great Online Cheap Pay With Paypal FlwOMxM5R
    on the way to the launch pad

    Each of the Space Shuttle's two Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs) was constructed of seven sections, six of which were permanently joined in pairs at the factory. For each flight, the four resulting segments were then assembled in the Vehicle Assembly Building at Womens 22315 Closed Toe Heels Caprice Outlet Deals Cost Cheap Online OmsQGey
    (KSC), with three field joints. The factory joints were sealed with asbestos-silica insulation applied over the joint, while each field joint was sealed with two rubber O-rings. (After the destruction of Challenger , the number of O-rings per field joint was increased to three.) [6] The seals of all of the SRB joints were required to contain the hot, high-pressure gases produced by the burning solid propellant inside, thus forcing them out of the nozzle at the aft end of each rocket.

    During the Womens Womens Replica Leather amp; Suede Sneakers Maison Martin Margiela New Styles Cheap Online E295fKE
    , a McDonnell Douglas report in September 1971 discussed the safety record of solid rockets. While a safe abort was possible after most types of failures, one was especially dangerous: a burnthrough by hot gases of the rocket's casing. The report stated that "if burnthrough occurs adjacent to [liquid hydrogen/oxygen] tank or orbiter, timely sensing may not be feasible and abort not possible", accurately foreshadowing the Challenger accident. Platform Sandal with Cross Strap Detail Black Lipsy Cheap Sale Official Site rTNQ2p
    Morton Thiokol was the contractor responsible for the construction and maintenance of the shuttle's SRBs. As originally designed by Thiokol, the O-ring joints in the SRBs were supposed to close more tightly due to forces generated at ignition, but a 1977 test showed that when pressurized water was used to simulate the effects of booster combustion, the metal parts bent away from each other, opening a gap through which gases could leak. This phenomenon, known as "joint rotation," caused a momentary drop in air pressure. This made it possible for combustion gases to erode the O-rings. In the event of widespread erosion, a flame path could develop, causing the joint to burst—which would have destroyed the booster and the shuttle. Low Cost Sale Online Womens N959 Pleasant Kaki/Angkor Ankle Boots El Naturalista Clearance Brand New Unisex Cheap Price Outlet Sale NOGJV4AzaF

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    in Articles
    The typefaces you select for a project can impact what people think as much as the actual message you convey.

    Almost any website or design project will include the use of type. From a few words to a page filled with text the font choices you make in the early planning phases will carry through the project. Fonts can help create and establish a mood and set the tone for how your work is received.

    Do you want a modern look and feel? Or is the desired effect more classical? Is text being used primarily as art or in logo design or does it need to meet readability standards? All of these are questions you should answer before selecting typefaces for a project.

    Keep in mind that each typeface on its own can say almost as much about the project as actual words on the page (or screen). Carefully evaluate typefaces so that each represents projects in the proper way.

    Project Goals

    The first step with any design project is to determine what you expect as a final outcome. Think about how type will be used. You would not use the same font on a wedding invitation as for a wanted poster, right?

    Stick to simple typefaces that are highly readable for projects with large blocks of text. In web design the trend is to use a sans serif body font – think Arial, Tahoma and Verdana. Using a simple choice will take the emphasis off the look of the text so that it is easy to read, such as the simple sans serif font used on this website. Look for a font with average width strokes and lines – stay away from super thin or thick letter forms – to ensure readability.

    Consider the impact of type on images as well. If the image is driving the design, keep type simple so the image stands out. Karolina HighRise Skinny Jean size 26 also in 232425272829303132 GRLFRND Cheap Price Original jvvQAKXO
    does this with a striking image of its interior on the landing page while using simple type to direct you to other parts of the website.

    More engaging font choices often work best when used sparingly and when they can stand on their own. Use a funkier font for items that will be used as artistic elements or that do not rely on readability. Old style, cursive, script and display typefaces can quickly establish a mood and work best when used at large sizes.

    For example, “Good Design” establishes a light mood for this site. The same goes for the company name, Black knitted sneaker Givenchy Outlet Brand New Unisex uz7dzEETzc
    , in the top left corner. The typefaces have curvy, loose styles and look fun. Now imagine either of those typefaces while trying to read this article. It would be a lot less fun and would be difficult to read.

    Although there are many factors that contribute to the overall feel of a website, some type choices alone can set the mood. (Although some fonts, such as Helvetica, are considered “moodless.” This means these letter forms take on the feel of other typefaces.) Font selections can feel formal or informal, light or dramatic, modern or traditional and warm or cool. Fonts are not limited to a single mood and combinations of typefaces can create different mood associations.

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    Political analysis that you won't find anywhere else.

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    Some big changes could be in store for American space exploration under President Trump and the Republican Congress. Sending more humans to the moon, as well as a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa seem to be part of a plan that extends years beyond the Trump administration. Science correspondent Miles O'Brien explores how NASA’s mission could be reshaped.


    But first: How will NASA’s mission change under President Trump and a Republican Congress that helps decide where money should go?

    Some big changes could be in store for space exploration and the missions set into place now that could stretch well beyond the Trump era.

    Miles O’Brien has the story for our weekly segment about the Leading Edge of science and technology.


    The balcony at Congressman John Culberson’s office on Capitol Hill offers a sweeping panorama of Washington, but the Republican from Houston is usually looking higher.


    There’s Mercury. Mars is going to appear right here. We go this way, there’s Orion. Sirius is going to appear right here.


    Culberson has more than a hobby-level interest in space. He chairs the House Appropriations Subcommittee that oversees NASA. In his ninth term, he is riding high, as the Trump administration embraces his strategy for exploring space.


    NASA has been underfunded for far too long. They have been short-sticked by previous administrations, this past administration. And I’m very excited and pleased to see President Trump recommend enough funding for NASA as a whole.


    President Trump apparently sees NASA as a priority. He’s made passing references to space in his inaugural address.


    We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space.


    And in his speech to Congress.


    American footprints on distant worlds are not too big a dream.


    The Trump administration is proposing only a 1 percent reduction in NASA’s $19 billion annual budget. Hardest-hit programs are science and education. But at a time when the federal scientific enterprise is facing deep, unprecedented cuts, the space agency may have dodged a missile.

    Mr. Trump’s space advisers include former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Congressman Bob Walker, who served as chairman of the subcommittee that oversees NASA.

    ROBERT WALKER, Trump Space Adviser:

    Newt has had several conversations with Trump and with Vice President Pence. And both of them are space cadets. And there are other fairly high-ranking people in the White House who are also space cadets.


    In this case, space cadet is a compliment. Walker says the White House would like NASA to get out of low Earth orbit, leaving that realm to private enterprise.

    Beyond that, the space agency takes a role that increases with the distance from Earth. The administration is also focused on humans returning to the moon.


    I think the moon is an important step on the way to Mars. I think you have to have some experience in a very hostile environment where you develop some of the technologies that you need to exist on Mars before you actually head to Mars.


    For Congressman Culberson, that is well and good, but he believes the most important green-lit mission is aimed at this object, the icy moon of Jupiter, Europa.

    The Europa Clipper was approved by the Obama administration and Congress in 2015, more than 10 years after Culberson began obsessively pushing NASA to go there. Europa has always fascinated him. Beneath the ice is a salty ocean. How much? He answers the question with a poster on foam core he keeps in his office.


    This is all the water on Earth, both fresh and salt, and all the water on Europa. This is a free-floating ice shell, and there’s two to three times more water on Europa than there is on Earth.


    Scientists find this tantalizing, because, no matter how far down they explore in our oceans, they find all kinds of living creatures.

    KEVIN PETER HAND, Astrobiologist, NASA:

    And with that much water out there today in our solar system, that begs the question, could there be life within that ocean?


    Jet propulsion laboratory astrobiologist Kevin Hand is in line to be the project scientist for a NASA mission to land on Europa by about 2030.

    That lander would be preceded by an orbiter slated for launch in 2022. The orbiter is designed to capture stunning imagery and detailed science about the salts and any organic compounds on the surface, and use radar to look beneath at the boundary between the ice and the ocean. All of this will help them determine where to land.


    We’d love to melt through the ice and reach the ocean directly, but, based on the evidence we have, Europa’s ice shell does serve as a relatively good window into the ocean below.

    We could, perhaps by sampling the surface, also be sampling ocean material, and thereby also be potentially grabbing a sample that could have some little Europa organisms.


    But, for many years, NASA didn’t seem interested in Europan krill.

    The NASA administrator under George W. Bush, Mike Griffin, thwarted Culberson’s first attempt to land on Europa. It was a mission called the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter. And it was canceled in 2006 to pay for completion of the International Space Station.


    When Mike Griffin canceled the Europa mission last decade, it scarred me so badly, I swore I wouldn’t let the bureaucrats cancel this mission again. So, today, the Europa orbiter and lander is the only mission it is still illegal for NASA not to fly.


    You heard right. Culberson made the Europa orbiter and lander missions the law of the land in 2015.

    But exploring Europa is challenging and expensive. NASA managers complained their plate was already too full with the space station and an extensive campaign to explore Mars. And the focus on Mars is sustained by the goal of eventually sending humans to the surface. Europa is only a destination for robots, and hearty ones at that. Lethal radiation levels ensure no human can ever visit.

    It makes the mission less attractive to the powerful astronaut side of the House at NASA. But in this war of the worlds, Mars has met its match.


    The fact that people are talking about Europa right now is a result of Chairman Culberson’s interest in it.

    And the fact is that he has caused NASA to say, if that’s what Chairman Culberson wants, that’s what Chairman Culberson gets.



    Culberson isn’t stopping there. He has written a 50-year plan for NASA that includes a spacecraft that can go 10 percent the speed of light for humanity’s first interstellar mission to the nearest Earth-like star. The launch date is 2069, 100 years after the first moon landing.


    I have always wanted to restore NASA to the glory days of Apollo, as you and I remember as kids. I want to see NASA go above and beyond the glory days of Apollo.


    Culberson is all about making NASA great again. But watch what happened in the Oval Office after the president signed the authorization bill for space agency’s current budget.


    Mr. President, if I may, just as Americans remember that President Eisenhower was the father of the interstate highway system, with your bill signing today and your vision and leadership, future generations will remember that President Donald Trump was the father of the interplanetary highway system.


    Well, that sounds exciting.



    First, we want to fix our highways. We’re going to fix our highways.



    Europa and Mars may beckon, but, for politicians, it’s never wise to ignore the potholes, even when surrounded by people who care more about black holes.

    For the PBS NewsHour, I’m Miles O’Brien in Washington.


    Watch the Full Episode

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    Apr 12

    It also forces one to come up and create solutions within their own life, and start creating change that way, by doing their best to be it.

    This article sheds light on one common problem that’s existed for decades, and that’s the constant blaming of Russia, as well as other governments and global politicians for problems that don’t even exist. Perhaps the best example would be and Iraq, or the recent supposed chemical gas attacks in Syria , and much more. Each is an example for humanity to wake up and see what’s really going on, because it keeps on happening over and over again, and to stop it, awareness is key, human consciousness is key…

    It’s always critical to look at the information that’s not coming from mainstream media sources , and if you do, you will find multiple ex-intelligence agents and employees saying the exact opposite of what’s presented within the mainstream media. You can also find hard evidence to corroborate these statements, unlike the ones that come from mainstream media. These are brave people, who chose to share truth rather than sticking to their national security oaths, simply because“national security” has now become a term used to justify completely immoral action, like mass surveillance, for example.

    JFK warned us about national security becoming a term that is used to keep everything a secret, hidden away from public knowledge.

    One great example of one of these brave people would be would be William Binney, a high ranking NSA intelligence official who worked decades for the agency that blew the whistle on the NSA surveillance programs. He was the subject of an FBI investigations raid, which included a raid on his home in 2007. He was the one before Snowden and revealed that since 9/11 the agency has intercepted trillions of communications. He made headlines when he resigned in 2001 after 9/11, having worked more than thirty years for the agency. He was a leading code-breaker against the Soviet Union during the Cold War and was repelled by the United States’ massive surveillance programs.

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    He is still outspoken today, stating that the ultimate goal of the NSA is 030511 Womens Pleated high Boots Xti Low Shipping Fee Sale Online jxnXuvfDG
    And again, it’s not just him, it’s many others. According to Binney, all of the allegations against Russia have been completely false.

    This isn’t surprising, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win, her speeches were written by Goldman Sachs (Wikileaks), all she represented was a mouth-piece for the corporations, and the entire military-industrial complex, a mouthpiece for the terror war industry, and much much more. The level of corruption with Hillary and within the DNC was off the charts.

    Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were the only two who showed authenticity not connected to power, regardless of how that authenticity was perceived by others….


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