Dumbbells are effective equipment for any home gym. They are versatile, convenient and inexpensive. They are even more vital for those with little home spaces. There are several varieties of dumbbells in the market and one popular variety is the fixed dumbbell or commonly known as the normal dumbbell. With fixed dumbbells, there is no option to adjust the weights, but they are still very convenient when it comes to several weight lifting routines. They are usually sold by the pound. Here are three of the best dumbbell sets for sale.


York Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell Set 5-50 lbs

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This hex dumbbell from York Barbell is one of the best in its category. It is made of thick, sturdy, easy-to-clean rubber coating that provides a subtle, smooth and nice finish. The rubber component is very essential because it increases durability, eliminates noise, defends flooring and enhances the facade of the equipment. The heads are covered to provide safety and comfort to users.  It has an attractive and functional hexagonal shape that makes it an absolute standout against its competitors. Its head is permanently attached to a solid steel shaft that ensures the strength of both the head and handle joint. It is especially designed to have ergonomic handles for ease and flat sides to prevent it from rolling away. The contoured chrome handles are perfectly fitting to any hands. This dumbbell is ideal fitness equipment that should be a staple in any gym.

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Body Solid SDRS650 55-75-Pound Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set

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This rubber hex dumbbell is one of the most durable dumbbells in the market. It is built from solid and high-grade cast iron that does not easily destroyed and can withstand long years of wear and tear. It is hexagonally shaped to ensure safety from rolling on the floor. It is encased in rubber for added security and protection. The head of this dumbbell is securely fixed firmly with an exceptionally designed pin mechanism that aids it to pin, weld and press-fit to prevent loosening or spinning. This rubber dumbbell is comfortable and convenient to use because the weights are compactly designed. It is also stylishly designed with a robust rubber finish that protects both the user and work area that is why it is mostly preferred by many.

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Pair 45 lb Black Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells Weight Training Set 90 lb Fitness

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This rubber coated hex dumbbell is ideal for both beginner and intermediate level users and is considered to be one of the best dumbbell sets for sale. It is built from top-quality steel and coated with competition grade rubber for superior durability and comfort. The handles are chrome plated to ensure extreme comfort and firm grip. It is highly resistant against any weather conditions. This dumbbell is well-crafted to be efficient with any weight lifting exercises. It is also specifically designed to reduce chances of rolling around the floor and destroying floor and other furniture. This chic and convenient dumbbell takes up minimal space and can easily fit into any storage or bags.

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