There are so many equipments that are needed for the gymnastics sports. One of the essential ones is the balance beam. Balance beam is typically small and thin beam that is raised from the floor by a stand or leg on both ends. It is one of the easiest pieces of gymnastics apparatus for home use. It helps inspire and enhance skills and confidence of any gymnasts. There are hundreds of balance beam products available in the market. It will not be difficult to choose the right balance beam for your gymnasts if you know what important factors to consider.  If you are planning to invest on balance beams for your home training, you might want to try these top three gymnastics balance beam products at Amazon.


The Beam Store Pink Suede 8-Feet Gymnastics Balance Beam

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This gymnastics balance beam from The Beam Store is built to provide enduring stability. The 8-feet beam is an ideal choice for any at-home gymnastics training and is best for individual skills like handstands, cartwheels and walkovers. It is made from high-quality wood core, top notch padding and firm synthetic suede cover that can endure any scrupulous activities. The cross grain laminated wood core makes the beam sturdy enough to not twist and warp even without center support. The suede cover is easy to clean, easy to grip and hard-wearing. This beam has the exact shape, dimensions and sense of competition beams so it is very fitting for competition trainings as well.

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Balance Beam – BB8-12 – Padded Suede 8 Foot Balance Beam (Tan) with 12″ Riser Legs

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This 8-foot balance beam is made from superior quality materials, components and craftsmanship. The high-grade cross grain laminated wood core and heavy duty suede covering provide comfort, grip and stability. It has dimensions that are ideal for both commercial and home use. Your gymnast will have ample space to work on their routines. It also comes with steel riser legs on your preferred and desired height and stable and standard low stabilizer feet. It also has threaded inserts on the bottom which provides proper mounting of the feet and legs. This suede-padded balance beam will not only develop the gymnastics skills of your little gymnasts but will also boosts her self-confidence.

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Tumbl Trak Brianna Balance Beam, Suede

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The Brianna Balance Beam is certainly one of the favorites among young gymnast girls. It is built from sturdy wood; padded by competition grade rubber cells and covered with high-quality suede. It has durable and safe base and does not require complex tools for assembly. In addition, it has innovative connection system so that connecting two balance beams for longer length purposes can be made possible. It also comes with studded legs that make it appealing.  It is ideal for home use for any gymnastics level. It is one of the most preferred balance beams by parents, coaches and gym owners because of its reliable features that can absolutely enhance gymnastics skills and improve self-esteem.

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