Gymnastics is one of the artistic popular sports today. It requires combination of strength, muscle coordination, agility and balance. This sport is usually introduced to kids in their young age because it promotes harmony and does not encourage violence like what other contact sports do. Gymnasts generally perform sequences of movements that require kinesthetic awareness, stamina and flexibility. They perform sequences such as cartwheels, handstands, handsprings and split leaps over gymnastic apparatus like balance beams and gymnastic bars. Gymnastic bars are one of the advanced pieces that are very vital in practicing the Gymnastic sports. They are very important in order for gymnasts to practice and perform certain sequences and routines. Here are three of the best gymnastic bars for sale.


Little Gym – Adjustable Horizontal Bar – Purple Low Balance Beam  Folding Mat


This adjustable horizontal gymnastic bar from Nimble Sports is one of the most flexible gymnastic bars. It can be adjusted from three feet to five feet with six inches increment for better flexibility. Its wood bar is made from hard poplar wood that measures 1 and ½ in diameter and stands sturdy to ensure fortification of gymnasts. Other security features of this gymnastic bar include rubber base caps and adjustable lock bolts for a more protected handling and gripping. Its lower beam is made up of laminated wood construction that is 8 ft long, 4in wide and 6in tall that is fitting for gymnastic levels 1-4 while the upper beam comes with steel braces and wrapped with synthetic suede. This gymnastic bar is definitely suitable for both home and studio use because it is largely quality-committed.

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Norbert’s Athletic Products Gymnastics Bars for Sale


This Norbert’s Gymnastics Mini Bar is one of the best gymnastic bars for young girls and perhaps every gymnast’s dream bar. It features a solid maple wood rail and a strong steel tubing base that is constructed with the latest innovation and high-grade quality. Its base has an extra spreader bar and all joints are carefully and meticulously welded for superior rigidity. The bar can be securely adjusted to three different heights using the reliable clamping pull pin system. In addition, this mini bar is not only about top-rated construction but also of stern convenience. It is easy to set up and equally easy to put down and store when not in use.

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Z-Athletic Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Bar


This Expandable Junior Training Bar is one of the most trusted gymnastics bars in the market. It is well-constructed from high-quality materials to provide safety and maximum performance to all gymnasts. This handy and free standing training bar is very fitting for home and gym use because it is well-built just like its contemporaries. The fiberglass rail is highly durable and the adjustable snap locks are very opportune it can even hold up to a thousand pounds weight. This gymnastic bar can be a great training bar for beginners, however, with its available extension kit; it can cater up to level 6 gymnastics.

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